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Audi offers many choices for your mobility needs, below is a collection of all of our offerings
Audi on demand
Audi unite
Audi select
Audi at home
Audi last mile

Audi unite is a collaborative car initiative that refashions mobility as a personalized micro-sharing experience.

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How it works

Choose an Audi

With Audi unite you can choose your desired model from the whole Audi product range. All Audi models are available from A1 to A8 including the Q, RS, and R8 models.

Invite your friends

Invite your friends and family members to share an Audi with you or use the Audi unite matching service to help you finding compatible drivers for your personal unite circle.

Hassle-free driving

You drive and we take care of the cleaning, insurance and fair cost splitting. The Audi unite app helps you with reservations, locating the car and checking the fuel levels